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I can act for you anywhere in Germany.

My admission as a lawyer extends to all German courts with the exception of the Federal High Court of Justice at Karlsruhe (Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe).

Prompt reaction

According to my concept a high standard of handling of cases includes prompt reaction.

You wish to select your lawyer. For this you need my quick answer prior to your decision whether or not to authorize a lawyer. Possibly your case is urgent, or perhaps you wish to compare several lawyers. I will answer your request at once in order to enable you to decide in time.

Double qualification as an expert

My supplementary qualification as an expert in the evaluation of developed and undeveloped real property (surveyor) is important for cases in which the correct value of land is already is or will become decisive.

In this context I think of cases in the field of distribution of the estate among coheirs or of equalization of the accrued gains in divorce cases as well as in cases in the field of liquidation of partnership and corporate assets or insolvency proceedings. Last but not least cases are involved as well, in which fiscal authorities did assess the value of real property according to the provisions of the Federal Tax Code (Abgabenordnung – AO) as a first administrative decision prior to the final fiscal assessment of gift and inheritance tax.

In such cases it is often necessary to verify the correctness of expert opinions on land values, that have been submitted already. It is of great advantage if your lawyer is able to verify the correctness of such expert opinions, without the need to involve other experts at once.

Not to forget, however, are cases involving claims for damages against experts because of damage caused by an actual or alleged false assessment performed by the respective expert. Again, it is of considerable value in such a case, if your lawyer is able to provide for the necessary checks of expert opinions involved because of his qualification as a land expert.

In general it will be of considerable advantage for your case, if your lawyer knows about experts and real property because he is an expert himself and has published in the respective fields of specialties. Insofar take a look at my list of publications.

Distinctiveness and clarity for you

I coordinate with you the implementation of individual steps during the safeguard of your interest and inform you immediately about incoming and outgoing correspondence as well as other developments in your case. This enables you to observe the actual status of your case and to inform me about your comments, suggestions or requests.

Conducting searches on facts for you

I also take care to clarify the circumstances of your case. This minimizes your risk of litigation considerably. For more information, please click the following Link.