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Need to ascertain the facts concerning your case

Perhaps you have already heard the following saying:

"Before court and on the high seas you are in the hands of the Lord!"

This means the sometimes very high risk of litigation both parties are running when fighting, whether the plaintiff is concerned or the defendant.

Experience shows, that most lawsuits are lost or end up with an otherwise unsatisfactory result because the facts on the matter in dispute had not been ascertained in time or not correctly. As a result the case could not be presented to the court in a way that met the specific needs of the case appropriately and therefore was promising.

The average lawyer in Germany expects his client to inform him fully on the facts of the case. In principle this is correct. However, this concept does not reflect the fact that the client very often is not in a position to assess properly what is important in his case and where he can obtain important information from.

Therefore it is essential for the client that his lawyer advises him prior to the beginning of any lawsuit about the individual facts of the case which need to be investigated closer and how this could be done. This respective service of the lawyer can also be that he himself investigates the facts or does so together with his client.

The Anglo-Saxons know about this. They have a divided system of lawyers, consisting of Barristers-at-Law and Solicitors. The Barristers-at-law represent the client in a legal proceeding before the courts, whereas the Solicitors advise the client and clarify for him or together with him the facts on the matter in dispute so far, that a lawsuit may be deemed successful. They then inform the selected Barrister-at-Law about the target and the facts of this litigation.

It is my concept of lawyer's work in Germany to unite both activities in one person.